Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon

The Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon is organised by Birdsall Estate and Northern Ride bicycle shop in Malton. Set entirely across Birdsall Estate the offroad marathon is run for one day a year and offers unique and challenging rides across land that is otherwise closed to public access. The event is inclusive and suitable for a variety of abilities, some will look to get a fast time and others will look to complete the challenge in their own time.

There are three organised and signposted routes; 25k, 40k or 80k which offer varying degrees of steep slopes and challenging routes through woods, down steep slopes and up dales. With a high levels of organisation and stewardship as well as catering available this makes a really great family day out.


Further Information

This year’s marathon is on Sunday 13th June 2021. For further information and entry forms take a look a the Yorkshire Mountain Bike Marathon website.

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