Top Tips for Planning a Wedding

3rd Jan 2021

If you’ve recently become engaged and are at the start of your wedding journey, congratulations! We know starting to plan your big day can seem like a daunting task and even knowing where to begin can be stressful in itself – especially in these turbulent times! We’ve put together a small guide with some of the main things to think about when planning a wedding which will hopefully put your mind at ease and help you along your wedding planning journey! If you’d like to read about one of our weddings made smaller due to Covid -19 head here.

wedding invitations

Hannah and George quickly made their wedding smaller to fit with Covid restrictions but it didn’t make it any less magical credit Anoif Photography

Take it one step at a time

One of the most important bits of advice is to take everything one step at a time. Don’t rush everything all at once as you may find it becomes a bit overwhelming and everything gets on top of you. For example, don’t book your caterers before you have a venue secured and ensure you’ve booked your Registrar (if you’re having a civil ceremony) before booking anything else. At Birdsall, we have a Church within our grounds but many of our state rooms are also licensed for ceremonies so we have experience of handling both religious and civil weddings.

Factor in time for setting up

Always ask your venue how early you’re able to set everything up or whether you can enter the day before, saving you time on the big day. We pride ourselves on being an exclusive, bespoke wedding venue so we don’t prescribe set arrival or departure times. Most couples like to arrange arrival times the day before the wedding, with many deciding that one partner and their family or friends will stay in our luxury bedrooms the night before. Likewise, we agree a departure time with you well in advance of the wedding and work around you.

peacock in Birdsall Estate grounds

Enjoy our grounds the day before your wedding.

Make a list and prioritise your costs

It might seem like a really obvious point to make but making a list of all the major costs and parts of your wedding will help break it down and perhaps highlight other elements you may have forgotten about. When you have your list together, prioritise the things most important to you and those you don’t really want to compromise on then set enough money in the budget to cover these. The ones that are a lower priority on the list can be the ones you perhaps find more affordable options for.

Research your photographers

Have a look at all the portfolios and styles of photographers that are local to you or nearby and choose what kind of style you’d like your photos.. Book a photographer with the same vision as you. The last thing you want is to look back at your wedding photos and feel they could have been framed better or edited differently to suit both of your personalities. We’re always happy to make recommendations!

Have a Plan B

As much as we wish everything will go completely smoothly on the day, it’s best to err on the side of cation and plan back-ups for each scenario. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we’ve become the masters of back up plans and are here for all our couples. We’ve even arranged a wedding for fifteen, in two days!

Take on board advice from those around you

Those who have been married before will often have advice to give on what to do and what not to do which can come in handy if you’ve never planned a wedding before. However, at the end of the day it’s yours and your partner’s day so while advice is always welcome, do what makes you happy. We host many weddings where the couple are based abroad and family members may be heavily involved in wedding plans so we are used to working in this way and ensuring couples still feel the day is theirs.

And finally, make it your own

After all, this is your big day therefore the day should reflect you. Make all the little details personal to you, add personal touches to the cake, the decorations, even the place markers as there’ll only be this day to do it. If you both like a certain artist or musician, get the band to play your favourite songs. If you prefer cheese to cake, have a cheese stack instead (we’ve seen it done before!). Let both your personalities shine throughout the whole day. As we only ever have one wedding each weekend you really can tailor something bespoke to you here at Birdsall.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk about arranging your special day at Birdsall Estates, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today.

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