Planning an intimate wedding at Birdsall

3rd Feb 2021

We all know Covid has affected many weddings recently and many people have had to postpone more than once. However, we’re now seeing a rise in intimate wedding ceremonies as couples throw caution to the wind and just cannot wait any longer to say “I do”!

We love weddings of all shapes and sizes and have room at Birdsall for any size of celebration, but there’s something about small weddings that feels extra special, especially when it’s just your nearest and dearest sharing the day with you and surrounding you with love.

Intimate wedding ceremonies

Back in November 2020 weddings were restricted to 15. We had the honour of hosting Hannah and George’s wedding reception followed by a small night do. The day was full to the brim with joy and love and showed us what could be achieved despite all the setbacks that they faced.

bride and groom outside

Mr and Mrs Rowell credit Anoif Photography

If, like Hannah and George, you’re wanting to size-down your wedding and spend it with those closest to you don’t think that means sacrificing a stately home. Our porch, temple and library are the perfect spaces for smaller weddings (and they’re all licensed too!).

If you’re an outdoorsy couple and would love your family and friends to feel closer to you during the ceremony, our temple in the gardens and our porch outside the front of house offer the perfect space for you to share your vows surrounded by the beautiful views around the house.

Bride and groom exchanging vows

Photo of Sofia and James’s wedding by Jessica Williams Photography

military wedding party at Birdsall

Charlotte and David’s military wedding by Anoif Photography

The temple’s circular shape means that not only can your friends and family witness your ceremony from all angles but you’re surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Perfect for the boho brides out there!

Our porch offers the perfect backdrop for glamourous weddings. It boasts stunning views overlooking the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

bird's eye view of Birdsall House

If you’re welcoming the idea of a smaller wedding but don’t want an outdoor wedding, we can help. Our newly-licensed library is the perfect size for a smaller number of guests and is truly unique. In the library, you’ll be surrounded by history and culture.

Birdsall library

Our library

Filling the space

Although our rooms can feel quite big, they can be styled to suit smaller intimate wedding ceremonies. We make sure they don’t lose any of their character and still feel as full as when hosting a bigger wedding. At Hannah and George’s wedding reception, there was only a small number of guests. So, the room was styled to accommodate everyone comfortably and still felt intimate. We put in extra tables for people to sit down at to help fill the room. Our team also brough in other furniture to make the room feel cosier without overcrowding.

bride, groom and guests at a wedding breakfast

Hannah and George’s reception by Anoif Photography

guests dancing at a wedding

Sarah and Tom’s wedding party by Toast of Leeds

Exclusive access

As we only ever have one wedding per weekend, we can dedicate all of our time to you. We’ll help you style the rooms however suits you best to ensure you get the most out of the whole day.

Are you planning a small wedding and need some advice? Or would like to see what Birdsall can offer, please get in touch! We’ll be happy to answer any questions – and can even take you on a virtual tour!

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