The wedding is planned but you’ve got to delay, resources to keep you in the prepping mood

5th Jun 2020

Credit Amy B Pics as Mrs Vyse gets ready here on her wedding day

If you’re one of the thousands of couples who have had to delay your wedding last minute, the chances are you had everything planned. We keep hearing that what is now difficult for those couples is the stretch of time ahead of them where they have nothing to prep for their big day, making a dent in the excitement that usually comes as you rush to finish planning  and make the finishing touches. Here’s some ways you can keep that wedding day prep and therefore excitement alive…

Celebrate your engagement anniversary

If you can’t celebrate getting married make a big deal out of the date you got engaged! Order in a special meal, light some candles and celebrate the day you said “yes” while you wait to say “I do”. Why not use this guide to cleaning your engagement ring at home so if you’re getting some snaps of your anniversary it looks its best?

Credit Natalie Hamilton Photography. Our front porch.

Have a virtual stag or hen party

If you’ve delayed your big day, you might have delayed your stag or hen party too. It is totally understandable that you want to wait until you can celebrate with your friends in person but as a virtual meet-up won’t cost much, why not organise this too? It might feel a bit awkward to arrange a video call if people don’t know each other very well but you all have one thing in common – the bride and groom! This blogpost has some great tips for organising a stylish virtual celebration.

Keep the pampering coming

If you were getting married this summer you probably had a number of pampering beauty treatments planned to get you feeling your best and looking relaxed. That’s not possible right now but many places are offering virtual facials so why not book yourself in and keep the pampering going? Here’s a list of some of some you can find online but don’t forget to check your local beauticians services too.

Don’t forget to invest in some luxury products to really treat yourself!

Our luxury bathroom. Credit Lorne Campbell.

Go shoe shopping online!

Many brides and grooms are having to change or adapt what they had planned to wear due to changing their wedding date to a different time of year. This doesn’t mean you need a complete outfit overhaul, you might just need to make some little changes, such as replacing open-toe stilettos for stylish ankle boots or adding a waistcoat to the grooms suit. Make a day of it by chilling a bottle of champagne and go virtual shoe shopping with your partner one weekend!

Captured by Jessica Williams Photography, Sofia had a number of footwear changes during her big day here last year.

We hope that gives you some ideas to keep the wedding excitement going and do get in touch with us if you’re planning a wedding or making changes to your plans. We have a range of locations to say “I do”, from intimate spaces like the temple that overlooks our lake to larger rooms such as our ballroom.

The Temple

The ballroom set for a ceremony (Image Credit: Dominic Wright Photography)

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