The American Viscountess visits Birdsall

9th Nov 2023

Cara Willoughby and the American Viscountess

In May this year, we welcomed The American Viscountess to Birdsall for her Historic Houses series.

Julie Montagu, aka The American Viscountess, said: “Amidst its grandeur, Birdsall House retains its essence as a cherished family home. At its very core of modern family life lies the kitchen. In 2019, the newly renovated kitchen earned the prestigious Historic Houses Kitchen Award, a testament to its timeless appeal.”

The episode is now live and there are lots of rooms and pieces shown which we haven’t given access to before. A huge thanks to her and her team for including us in the series and all the hard work that went into this episode.

Watch it here.

You can also learn more about the history of Birdsall here.

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