Choosing your summer wedding venue – in the middle of winter.

20th Dec 2022

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Christmas is a traditionally magical time of year. Maybe for you, this year, it was made all the more magical by a proposal? Couples are always very keen to start their hunt for the perfect venue once venues re-open at this time of year. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this means you are often looking at your wedding venue during winter. However, your planned big day will take place in the summer. Here, we offer some guidance so that those snowy mornings and chilly evenings don’t have to delay exciting planning…

1.Take notice of windows and entrance ways

Although winter days can be grey and overcast, a British summer can be absolutely glorious and you’ll want to make the most of it. Make note of the size and location of windows when visiting a venue. Does the a place already feel quite light and airy? Then it has the potential to be truly awe-striking in the summer months. Our ballroom (as well as our luxury bedrooms) completely fill up with light in the summer and this often lasts well into the late evening.

Our ruins credit Dominic Wright Photography

Hannah and Chris by Dominic Wright Photography

2. Explore your outdoor options

Weddings outdoors are now legal in the UK. That’s right, you no longer even need a permanent roof! So, don’t discount your outdoor options at a venue just because it’s cold when you’re looking around. Our ancestors were keen to make the most of the grounds within stately or historic homes. So, there are often lots of hidden gems which you could consider using for your ceremony.

Here at Birdsall, we have our twelfth century ruins, a temple overlooking our lake, the front porch and a woodland. There are lots of options for your outdoor wedding with us.

wedding photography in Birdsall Estates

Benita and Will credit Sansom Photography

3. Don’t forget to look up and out!

If you are visiting a venue on a cloudy day, you can completely forget to ask about the view. But, looking out it is such an important factor during the summer. A view will often be a talking point for guests and a great location for pictures with your photographer.

If the weather is especially dismal when you visit a venue, ask to return to see it again. Ap-art Photography took Chloe and Tom onto our roof for their wedding shots, with fabulous results. In addition, our views over the Yorkshire Wolds are unrivalled.

Dominic Wright Photography

4. Ask about al fresco options

Have you ever been to an event and were just enjoying the sun on your skin when you were ushered inside to indulge in a canape? There’s nothing worse than finally getting to enjoy the sunshine and not being allowed to. So, when speaking to your venue and your caterer ask about al fresco options. It might be that you want some of the dining to take place outdoors or all of it.

Of course, British weather can be a little unpredictable! Make sure to ask about a ‘plan b’ too. Fortunately for us, we only ever allow one wedding per weekend and weddings always have exclusive use of the house and grounds. A quick change of plan is relatively easy to manage at Birdsall.

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Think about the transitions

When looking round a venue, ask yourself if there is enough space to achieve everything you want. Really importantly, think about where your guests will go in between major parts of the day. For example, where will guests wait while you have photos taken and what will they do? If you’d like a traditional wedding breakfast inside, could this take place in a different location to the ceremony to save people being moved on too quickly? Perhaps you’d like entertainment throughout the day and not just during the reception? Where could a band or quartet go?

It’s a good idea to come armed with a list of key things you really want at your wedding. That way, your wedding venue can suggest where it might all take place. At Birdsall, we love to see games on the lawn and socialising in our Long Hall. Over our years, couples have some to us with loads of fun ideas that have proven very successful with guests.

Birdsall was a private home up until 2018 and since then we pride ourselves on creating truly bespoke weddings for couples in exclusive surroundings. We can offer a Church of England wedding in the Church within our grounds, a civil ceremony in our twelfth century ruins or a blessing in one of our magnificent state rooms. We cater for all faiths and look forward to talking through your thoughts and ideas with you.

If you’d like to talk about celebrating your day with us, please get in touch.

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